Magnificent Experiences + Luxury Hotel Room = A Memorable Rome Trip

Boutique Home Roma is a luxury vacation home that pays attention to the smallest detail and welcomes its guests in a familiar and relaxed atmosphere. The high quality services make sure you have a pleasant and memorable stay. Our modern hotel rooms are available for rent and can be easily booked online from our website. The rooms are fully air conditioned and are equipped with various amenities including free Wi-Fi, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, and much more. We also provide our guests with sheets, towels and all the accessories they need for an unforgettable stay in Rome.

After you are done booking your luxury hotel room in our vacation home, you need to plan your Rome experiences. Here are some of the attractions that you must visit to experience the real Rome.

Shopping Experiences – Under the guidance of an expert, set out to walk through Via Condotti and the Spanish Steps and Via Cola di Rienzo to shop in Rome. Regardless you’re looking for haute couture, antiques, or a bargain, shopping in Rome is always a fabulous experience. You can also prefer to visit Monti for exploring more unique boutiques. The best streets for shopping in this part of Rome are Via Urbana and Via del Boschetto. Explore Via del Governo Vecchio to witness the perfect blend of the old and the new.

Truffle Hunting Experiences – Take a day out of your Rome vacation and be part of truffle hunting. A real treasure while vacationing in Rome is an exploration of the Tuscan underground for hunting the white truffles that grow in the region together with the more common black truffle. All throughout the year, you will find a kind of truffle. For a truffle hunting trip, you will need a trained dog and a hunter who has been authorized by the local government. You will also need a special tool called “vanghetto” to hunt for truffles. The hunting experience lets you enjoy a peaceful leisurely stroll in the dark woods.

Wine Tasting Experiences – While in Rome, your trip will remain incomplete if you haven’t explored the wonderful world of Italian Wines. No need to visit Tuscany for wine tasting. The eternal city has several restaurants and tour companies that can help your taste buds become a little more familiar with the goodness of red wine. During the wine tasting experiences, you can taste top-quality wines as well as classic Italian dishes. Your guide will tell you about the preparation of wine. Salute!

Well-being & Massage Experiences – Rome is dotted with a number of well-being and massage centers which offer specialized treatments and massage therapies using organic ingredients taken directly from the gardens of Rome. Treatments can be enjoyed in the privacy of your hotel rooms in Rome that you have taken on rent or amid the beautiful gardens of the massage centers. Each spa and beauty treatment can be tailored as per your personal requirements.

Sightseeing & Picnic Experiences – With Rome’s wonderful climate, there is no better idea than to enjoy a picnic under the blue sky for a few tranquil hours. Though sightseeing in Rome is an amazing experience in itself but it can be chaotic sometimes. So when you feel tired, head to one of many parks to dine in the open air with family and friends. Some of the best picnic spots in Rome include Villa Borghese, Gianicolo, Villa Doria Pamphili, Giardino degli Aranci, and Parco degli Acquedotti.

We, at Boutique Home Roma, strive to make your vacation a memorable fiesta to cherish for the lifetime. Book your private modern room at our boutique hotel in Rome at an affordable price, and then get ready to experience Rome to create wonderful memories for lifetime!

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